Horti Írisz

Horti Írisz

Customer Success Manager

Helping online stores skyrocketing their conversion rates with Rapid Search🕵️🚀🌟

I am an in-store search expert and experienced Customer Success Manager @ Rapid Search.

Who loves to assist, advise, help! 🙋♀️You can ask me any questions about boosting search in your online store or optimising your conversion rates.✌️

I have been working with hundreds of clients, guests, customers, users ever since I graduated.I joined the Rapid Search Team in October 2020, and have been working with my friends since then with an app that we all truly believe in and have put lots of energy into making the best of the user experience.🌟

My role is to help our users understand the importance of AI-based in-store search, and how to profit of the functions of our app to convert store visitors to customers.

To learn more about Rapid Search, check out: rapidsearch.app

To speak to me, add me to your connections, send me a direct message📩 or book a call ☎️


Speak to you soon! ;-)